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Visitor: Alma, Nybrogatan 8,
114 34 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0) 703 812 810
VAT no: SE556965351101

Visitor: Alma, Nybrogatan 8,
114 34 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0) 703 812 810
VAT no: SE556923668901


Elk Entertainment AB is a media content company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Elk Entertainment’s mission is to develop, sell and distribute television formats in Scandinavia and worldwide.

Estelle Bodén, Jock Millgårdh and Mattias Olsson founded the company in August 2012. The company's founders have created four of the worlds 100 top formats*, including Minute to Win It (adapted in 70 territories), The Farm (40 territories), The Bar (23 territories) and Clash of the Choirs (18 territories). Managing Director of Elk Entertainment is Estelle Bodén. Elk Entertainment is backed by Foundation Asset Management, which manages the assets of the Wallenberg Foundations.

*Source: Tracking the Giants - The Top 100 Travelling TV Formats 2017-18, K7


  Estelle Bodén   Managing Director

Estelle Bodén 
Managing Director

  Mattias Olsson  Head of Programmes

Mattias Olsson
Head of Programmes

  Jock Millgårdh   Head of Development

Jock Millgårdh
Head of Development

  Elvira Carlbaum  Creator

Elvira Carlbaum

  Sara Nordell  Content Licensing

Sara Nordell
Content Licensing

  Yvette Hallak  Art Director

Yvette Hallak
Art Director


When sending in the material to Elk Entertainment AB I hereby acknowledge that I understand and agree to the following terms.

i)  I acknowledge and accept that any and each concept, format, design, structure, character, idea, scene, plot, and/or other similar element contained in the information I submit (the “Material”) to Elk via this web portal may be similar or identical to other elements and/or formats which the Company and/or any of it’s affiliates is contemplating or in the process of developing and/or commercially exploiting.

ii)  I hereby confirm that the Material is submitted solely on my own initiative and that Elk has not solicited the Material.

iii) I guarantee that I shall not at any point in time make any claim against Elk and/or its affiliates in respect of the Material. This guarantee applies in perpetuity.

iv) These terms apply to all Material submitted to Elk, regardless of whether the Material is sent via this web portal or by any other method for example but not limited to email, regular mail etc.


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